About Ordering with Basket Creations!


When you order from Basket Creations you are not just giving a gift basket you are giving happiness, showing appreciation  and delivering love.

We all know the feeling, when the courier arrives with an unexpected gift, the joy we get opening it up, no matter how big or small. It makes us smile and leaves us feeling valued and appreciated.

Basket Creations gets such joy in creating a stunning gift basket on your behalf for many of life's special occasions while you celebrate with family, friends and colleagues.

Basket Creations also realises how shopping for that perfect gift can be very confusing and stressful, walking around the shopping centres wondering what to buy, and then still coming home empty handed and stressed!

This is where Basket Creations has you covered. We pride ourselves on making memorable gifts that make people feel cherished and appreciated.

Basket Creations has also sourced the finest food and products throughout New Zealand's best companies.

Basket Creations mission is to give each customer a fantastic gift basket generously filled with artisan products, presented with a wow factor as well as being affordable for you. 

Basket Creations gets alot of satisfaction from sourcing the products, and creating a gift that looks stunning after all we want the person who receives our gift baskets to feel valued, loved and appreciative to the giver.

Now enough about Basket Creations please sit back and enjoy choosing a wonderful gift that will be savoured and remembered.


Thank you for choosing Basket Creations

Cheryl Reed