Cheese Lovers

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A truly delightful gift basket that is very popular. A great way to spoil the fine food lover's out there. All the products in this gift box work together to compliment one another from the yummy food snob harvati cheese, maison therese relish, plum fruit paste and the seriously good cheese bites. It is a gift that will be enjoyed with or without their favourite beverage. This little gift box is the perfect treat for so many occasions.


180 Degrees Seriously Cheesy Bites  150gm

Maison Therese Bell Pepper Relish  330gm

Food Snob Danish Harvati Cheese  200gm

Rutherford & Meyer Plum Fruit Paste  120gm

Mini Wafer Bites  20gm

Molly Woppy Crunchy N Cheesy Savoury Bites  30gm

Small Gift Card Included


Presented in a small pandan box decorated with wood wool and ribbons.