Simple Pleasures

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A stunning gift to give to someone for a birthday, celebration, get well or anniversary. This large flax bag is beautifully decorated with ribbons and a piece of paua that makes the gift stand out. Inside they will receive tasty kumara chips, relish, cheese bites, nuts, olives and sweet butter shortbread, a box of popular lolly scramble and some of Kapiti's Manuka Fudge and more. This bag will be a lovely surprise to receive and to give!


Simple Pleasures


lolly Scramble   80gm

O'Nuts Raving Roast   100gm

Sweet Toffee Pretzels  50gm

Olives Marinated with fennel & coriander  30gm

Maison Therese Bell Pepper Relish   330gm

Kapiti Candy Manuka Honey Fudge   50gm

All Butter Shortbread  100gm

180 Degrees Cheese Bites   150gm

Copper Kettle Kumara Crisps  135gm

Beetroot and Toasted Onion Dip Mix  28gm

2 After Dinner Mints  

Small Gift Card Included


Presented in Large Flax Bag decorated with ribbons.